Gaming Motherboards with Wi-Fi and NZXT CAM

The Nuts and Bolts:

  • The N7 features a seamless metal heatsink cover for a fresh addition to any build
  • More overclocking headroom on the N7 Z690 due to more VRM phases 12 vs 8 on the N5 Z690
  • 2oz copper PCB for better current conduction for long sessions and cool temps

Seamlessly Intelligent

The NZXT Z690 Motherboards allows intuitive operation of RGB lighting channels as well as fan channels through NZXT CAM. Lighting accessories from all manufacturers are supported.

Stunning Craftsmanship

The N7 Z690’s white or black cover options provide a clean design that compliments your case. An integrated heat spreader is included for the top-most NVMe drive.

AMD and Intel Platforms

No matter which chipset you go with, there’s an NZXT motherboard that supports the latest generations of Intel and AMD CPUs. Build on!