Best Dog Flea Treatment: Dog Flea Treatment Reviews (UK)

Fleas, the friends your dog doesn’t choose and neither do you, but how do you get rid of the pests once they have already nestled into your pet’s fur? How do you prevent your dog from getting them in the first place? To help answer those questions, we have gathered some of the best flea treatments for dogs, alongside the relevant dog flea treatment reviews, to help you decide which one is best for you. If you are in a hurry here and don’t have the time to read through our research, here are our editor’s picks. 1. Editors Pick 2. … Read more


Can Dogs Drink Lactose-Free Milk? (What are The Pros & Cons)

Mmmm. That’s the stuff. A cool and refreshing glass of milk to top the morning off. What a delicious treat, and one that you wish your dog could join in with. Or can they? After all, lactose-free milk is an option.  Dogs can drink lactose-free milk, but they should only have it as a rare treat because it can still cause upset stomachs. It can even be a great help for dogs who are suffering from a vitamin deficiency, but you should always speak to your vet first.  Wondering what else you can learn about lactose-free milk and how it … Read more


How To Treat Dog Indigestion (Whats Safe?)

Indigestion sucks for us, but think about your dog. They can’t tell you exactly what’s wrong, and there is nothing worse than seeing them in pain or discomfort. So, when indigestion strikes your canine companion, what are you supposed to do?  To treat dog indigestion, make sure you starve them for 24-hours (if they are adult and healthy), give them ice chips to chew on every few hours instead of water, and try canned pumpkin or bone broth to settle their stomachs.  If you want to learn more about what indigestion is for dogs, why it happens, and the ways … Read more


How Long Can A Dog Without Pooping? (Yes Dogs Get Constipated Too)

Shi- (sorry, boss)… poop happens. It happens to us all, and our dogs are no exception. But poop is also a great way to check your dog’s health, and they can get constipated just like you. Are you ready to get to know your dog’s digestive system better? So, how long can a dog go without pooping?  They shouldn’t go more than 48 hours without letting one drop, and if this is the case it’s important to take them straight to the vet. Constipation can be pretty nasty but it could also be the sign of a blockage.  It’s important … Read more


How Can I Deworm My Dog Naturally? (Without a Visit The Vets)

Worming your dog is arguably more important than flea treatment. There’s such a large variety of worms, and some are fast and silent killers (think lungworm). But not everyone likes the chemical treatments from the vet and might turn to more natural solutions.  If you want to know how to deworm your dog naturally, it’s pretty simple.  There are loads of great foods you can give dogs that help to prevent worms. Carrots, pumpkin seeds, coconut, turmeric, chamomile, and even apple cider vinegar can help keep your pup healthy.  Don’t take my word for it, below is a carefully researched … Read more


How to Treat Your Dog’s Upset Stomach at Home (Make Them Feel Better)

There is nothing worse than an upset stomach, and for your dog, it can be even tougher as they have to ask to go outside. Whether they aren’t able to wake you up in time or they made it outside, dealing with your pup’s upset stomach is never a pleasant task.  Looking into how to treat your dog’s upset stomach at home is a great way to make them feel better quickly.  Giving them bland food like chicken and rice is a great start, as well as using electrolyte treatments to keep them hydrated. There are loads of options But … Read more


What Can I Give My Dog To Stop Diarrhoea Fast? (& When To Seek A Vet)

When your dog has a bad stomach, it is not a pleasant experience – for you or them. The constant running to the back door, the likely accidents in the home when they don’t make it in time. All you want is to make it stop.  But what can you give your dog to stop diarrhoea fast?? Plain rice and chicken, 24-hour fasting, and scrambled eggs are all great things to give your dog to stop diarrhoea fast. Without food, your dog will have little to nothing to pass, and the bland foods are gentle on their digestive system to … Read more


What Natural Remedy Can I Give My Dog For Nausea? (That Will Work)

Nausea sucks for dogs, just like it does for us. It can leave them feeling pretty glum and lethargic, which is always worrying to witness. If you would rather leave the chemical remedies out of the picture, what else can you do to make them feel better, that will actually work to relieve their nausea?  Baking soda, hemp supplements, lavender, catnip, ginger, and peppermint are just some of the natural remedies you can give your dog for nausea. They are all canine-safe, and highly effective treatments that can work for people as well.  As always, make sure you chat with … Read more


My Dog Has A Sore Bum What Can I Put On It? (Natural Remedies)

If your dog has an itchy bum or is scooting across the floor, it could be a sign of something a little more serious – like impacted anal glands. While it is best to have them emptied at the vet, you can do it at home too. But how can you ease their pain while their bum is sore?  A warm compress is one of the best treatments for your dogs sore bum as well as Sudocrem or an antimicrobial ointment. Just make sure you stay away from harsh treatments like Vaseline or anything petroleum jelly based.  Don’t let us … Read more