Best Dog Grooming Table for Home Use and Professional Use

Best Dog Grooming Table for Home & Professional Use

Grooming our dogs is an essential part of caring for them. It keeps their coats healthy and shiny, but also prevents painful matting. Not to mention it can be an incredibly relaxing experience for both of you.  Whether you are starting your own dog grooming business or just want to pamper your pooches at home, a grooming table is an important investment and not one to be taken lightly. Here’s everything you need to know about searching for the best dog grooming tables, as well as a selection of the top models on the market for you to consider. 1. … Read more


Splish Splash Your Dog Was Taking a Bath: Dog Bath Reviews

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, your dog will find a way to get covered in mud, and after all the eye rolling and head shaking, they are going to need a good wash. Even if they don’t get mucky, it is important to wash their feet after a walk – especially with an increasing number of Alabama rot cases in the UK. What you need to get the job done is a bath. Dog baths are widely available, and there are loads to choose from so that you can pick one that matches your dog’s breed, size, and overall … Read more

What Are the Best Dog Clippers? Read Our Dog Clipper Reviews

The Best Professional Dog Clippers [Groom Like a Pro]

Keeping your best friend comfortable and happy is one of the biggest concerns for any dog owner, particularly if your dog sports a long or thick coat. Hot weather can cause them to overheat, and fur can become matted easily when left for a period of time. The best thing to do is to get them clipped, and it’s something you can do yourself at home. So, what are the best dog grooming clippers for your pooch? Read our dog clipper reviews to find out more. If you are in a hurry, these two models below are our top picks … Read more


Discover the Best Dog Shampoo: Dog Shampoo Reviews

While you don’t necessarily need to wash your dog on a regular basis, it’s always good to have stock of good shampoo so that you are prepared for when they inevitably roll in something unpleasant. After all, there is nothing worse than being left with the lingering odour that comes with a lack of shampoo. To help you decide which dog shampoo is going to work for your pooch, we have put together this guide to the best dog shampoos, alongside the relevant dog shampoo reviews. Take a look and see if one of these suits your needs. 1. Editors … Read more


Can You Declaw A Dog? (And Is It Even Legal?)

In the UK, declawing isn’t really a thing anymore. For cats and dogs alike, it has been realised that it’s a damaging procedure that doesn’t benefit the animal at all – only the people that own them. Therefore, unless you are in the USA, you’re likely to find it’s illegal.  You can declaw a dog. Should you? Absolutely not, unless there is a medical reason for it such as a severe infection in their paw or a cancerous tumour, or you are removing the dewclaw. It is an invasive procedure that involves removing part of their toe joint – not … Read more

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog: Doggy Maintenance

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?: Doggy Maintenance

As a dog owner washing your dog is either one of two things – an absolute pleasure, or a total nightmare. Dogs either love or hate bath time, but for many, there will be need of one at some point. Of course, it can be difficult to determine how often you should wash your dog, especially when there are so many breeds and coat types out there. A lot of it depends on the dog, as well as whether or not they are prone to rolling around in the unthinkable. In this guide, we ask the question of how often you … Read more