Can You Declaw A Dog? (And Is It Even Legal?)

In the UK, declawing isn’t really a thing anymore. For cats and dogs alike, it has been realised that it’s a damaging procedure that doesn’t benefit the animal at all – only the people that own them. Therefore, unless you are in the USA, you’re likely to find it’s illegal.  You can declaw a dog. Should you? Absolutely not, unless there is a medical reason for it such as a severe infection in their paw or a cancerous tumour, or you are removing the dewclaw. It is an invasive procedure that involves removing part of their toe joint – not … Read more


Can Dogs Eat Lamb Bones – Risks, Tips & Advice

 If you like to give your dogs a bit of a treat every now and then. Then throwing them your leftover lamb bones after dinner would be ok right?.    But are lamb bones safe for dogs to eat? Lamb’s bones are natural food for your dog and safe for them to eat as long as it’s a large bone, larger enough that your dog cannot swallow it whole. It is important you only give your dog raw bones not cooked, as cooked bones can splinter and be very dangerous to your dog’s insides.  If you don’t want to waste those bones and you … Read more

My dog doesn't want to walk

My Dog Doesn’t Want to Walk – What Should I Do?

    It’s that time of day again, and you go to put your dog’s collar and lead on but they don’t want to go. Dogs are supposed to love walks, right? It can be worrying and stressful, leaving you with the question of my dog doesn’t want to walk, what should I do?        Well, the good news is that there is plenty you can do. The reason for your dog not wanting to walk could be a very simple one, or it might be a sign that they need to take a trip to the vet. … Read more

8 Best Places to Walk Your Dog In Ireland

Along with their breathtaking beauty and supreme natural majesty, these walks in Ireland are just perfect for your pooch. You can both get your exercise while you enjoy the verdant bounty around you.  As with any ramble through nature, it is important that you protect mother nature by not leaving a trace that you were ever there. Once your walking companion is outfitted with a great lead and you are armed with some treats, it’s time to be off.  Choose one of these eight beautiful walks that feature all the magnificence that natural Ireland has to offer. 1 Gleninchaquin Park, … Read more